Coriander, Honey & Garlic Aoili

corainderaoili I created this aoili to drizzle over my spicy lamb burgers. This aoili is also perfect as a dipping sauce with sweet potato fries. … 

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Spiced lamb patties with Coriander, Honey & Garlic Aoili


Lambburgers I don’t usually cook with lamb mince, so it completely took me by surprise when I created these  flavoursome lamb patties that are equally delicious on their own or served with my coriander, honey & garlic aoili (as pictured).… 

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Lemon and date scones

lemondate When I made my first batch of these scones, I offered some to my lovely neighbour. She was not hungry but she took three which she said she would have as morning tea with her colleagues at work the next day. About twenty minutes later, there was a knock on my door…… 

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Chilli beef with smooth avocado salsa

layeredchillibeef If you love mexican food like I do, then you will love this spicy beef dish…. 

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Paleo Princess Lemon ‘Brownie’ Slice

Lemonslicepaleo This is a totally decadent slice. Every one I know that has tried this slice has fallen in love with it. The base is dense (just like a brownie) and it has a lovely tangy lemon glaze. Enjoy x M


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Easy Paleo Bread / Toast

Paleo Bread

Just because you are following a paleo diet, does not mean you have to give up your morning toast! This paleo bread cuts well and has a texture very similar to multi-grain bread. Warning – it is extremely filling. … 

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