Oven roasted chicken thighs

These easy to make oven roasted chicken thighs are juicy, delicious and super easy to make.


Chilli & Lime Roasted Cashews

These chilli and lime cashews are very easy to make and they are great when entertaining guests.


Paleo Bread

Last weekend, I held a Spice Workshop at Paleo Cafe Burleigh. Amongst other things, I made two batches of fresh Dukkah which was served with olive oil and this easy to slice Paleo bread.


Macadamia and Lemon Myrtle Dukkah

This Madacamia and Lemon Myrtle Dukkah has all the spices you expect from a traditional dukkah but with an Australian twist.


Coconut and Garlic Dukkah

This delicious Coconut and Garlic Dukkah is made using Religiously Garlic YumPowder.


Smoked Paprika, Beef and Carrot Patties

Baked in the oven in a muffin tray, my Smoked Paprika, Beef and Carrot Patties are not only tasty, but super easy to make.  


Rhubarb and Blackberry Compote

Rhubarb is in season at the moment.  Now normally, I would combine rhubarb with apples to create a compote, but this time I tried blackberries and I was not disappointed. 


Bacon and Garlic Baked Mushrooms

With only a handful of ingredients, these tasty Bacon and Garlic Mushrooms are delicious and are super easy to make.


Spinach, Chorizo and Capsicum Mufflettes

Somewhere between a muffin and an omelette, these Spinach, Chorizo and Capsicum “Muff-lettes” are packed full of protein and are super easy to make.


Baked Ball Zucchini with Mexican Pulled Chicken

Ball Zucchini is a gourmet version of zucchini which grows in the shape of a ball.


Mexican Pulled Chicken

Mexican Pulled Chicken does not have to be slow cooked. This recipe is quick and super easy to make.