Spaghetti Squash Brisbane Road Trip

Berlinsquash I first stumbled across spaghetti squash at the Rocklea markets in Brisbane last month, purely by chance. I had heard about the Spaghetti Squash – it’s quite common in the United States but never thought that I would ever be able to buy one in Australia.  I later googled how to cook them and was completely amazed at how the flesh turns to spaghetti all by itself once cooked.

I love cooking and visit the Rocklea markets without fail every week… so I was puzzled why I had never seen (or heard of) the spaghetti squash before . Naturally, I wanted to buy more of them!  I was determined to do some research and try to track down the buyer to get a little bit more information on when and where I can buy them from.

After a little research I found out that the growers of the spaghetti squash that I purchased were located somewhere in Laidley, Queensland (a little town not far out of Brisbane).. So of course… I did what any other curious and spontaneous girl would have – I decided to go on a road trip to find the local grower.  I picked up the last of my spaghetti squash and placed it in the passenger seat, picked up a friend and set off on a road trip to Laidley.

We met many locals in Laidley and asked many questions before we successfully met the growers, Mr John and Mrs Debbie Berlin. Despite the fact that my visit took them both by surprise, John and Debbie were more than happy to talk to me about the spaghetti squash which they are both so passionate about.

John explained that they do not use chemical pesticides and sprays on their crops (I think this is fantastic) and that the spaghetti squash vines do not do so well with winter frost.  As such, they harvest spaghetti squash throughout the warmer months of October through to early May. They have recently completed their 2013/14 harvest and they expect that they will commence harvesting the 2014/15 crop in October 2014.

If you live in or around Brisbane and are interesting in buying any spaghetti squash which is grown locally in Laidley – I recommend that you send a quick email to Debbie Berlin and asked to be placed on the mailing list – to be kept informed as to when they expect to harvest their first crop for the 2014/2015 season & how and where you can buy their squash when it is in season.