Oven roasted chicken thighs

These easy to make oven roasted chicken thighs are juicy, delicious and super easy to make.


Paleo Black Forrest Cheesecake

 Just in time for Christmas.. My Black Forrest Cheesecake is made with fresh cherries and is a rich chocolate dessert that is simply delicious.  


Paleo Aussie Jumbuck Stew

Aussie Jumbuck Stew is an addictive rich lamb and pumpkin curry. It’s seriously delicious.


Green Smoothie

This little green smoothie is full of nutrients and the natural goodness of spinach, pear, avocado & coconut water.


Choc mint Spinach Smoothie

Sneak some extra spinach in your diet with this delicious Choc Mint Smoothie.


Choc Cherry Breakfast Smoothie

This smoothie is amazing.. every mouthful reminds me of a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar.


Pink Salmon & Beetroot salad with tangy chilli lime dressing

Summer is the perfect time of the year for fresh salad dinners. This salad looks pretty spectacular on a plate. And the flavour combination of salmon, beetroot, avocado and the tangy chilli lime dressing – is amazing.


Grilled chicken with Zucchini noodles & Mushroom sauce

Using a spiralizer is a lot like using a giant pencil sharpener. The Zucchini goes in one end and comes out the other end into fabulous spiral ribbons.


Paleo Cherry and Coconut Pie

Summer is the season for fresh cherries and a perfect time to try making my paleo cherry and coconut pie. It’s full of fresh cherries & has a lovely coconut crust.


Paleo Banana & Toffee (Banoffee) Cheesecake

If you like bananas then you will most likely fall in love with my Paleo Banana and Toffee (Banoffee) Cheesecake.


Lemon & Coconut Mousse Cake

Try making my Lemon and Coconut Mousse Cake.  It has a delicious coconut base which is topped with a light creamy lemon mousse filling.