Coconut & Berry Breakfast pots

coconutpots Green coconuts, tropical fruit & berries are readily available in summer. These breakfast pots made from fresh coconut water and berries packed full of antioxidants is a refreshing way to start your day.



Cutting open coconuts

The hardest thing to conquer is cutting open the coconut. To do this, you need to draw a round circle on the top of the coconut where you would like the hole to be. Slicing the top off simple wont work because underneath the white flesh is actually the round hairy brown coconut shell that you will be familiar with seeing.

To cut the hole, you will need to use a large kitchen knife or cleaver, hack downwards around the circle. Keep moving around the circle around and around the circle, it wont take long before you will feel a little coconut water seeping out or spitting up (this will indicate that you have cracked the coconut shell at that particular point). Once this happens, move around the circle slowly as the shell will crack quite easily from this point. You will be able to lift the top off.

If all of this sounds too hard, you can actually buy a device that actually helps you cut the coconut. Its called “cococut” and is manufactured and distributed from Byron Bay in Australia. You can order a cococut device online via their website (  Once you have mastered cutting open a coconut you wont look back.. it gets easier each time and you will suddenly realise just how fantastic coconut water directly from a coconut actually does taste (compared to packaged coconut water).

Where to buy fresh green coconuts in Australia

In Australia, you can buy green coconuts full of fresh coconut water at farmers markets or for approximately $1.50 to $3.50 each at Coles and Woolworths throughout the summer months – you will find them in the fresh food section close to the berries. As at the time of writing this, Woolworths are selling them for $1.95 each and Coles is selling them for $2.50 each.

Choosing your breakfast pot berries / fruit


There is no strict rule on what berries or fruit you should put inside your breakfast pot.

If you want boost your immunity or get the most from your pot, I strongly suggest adding fresh berries and pomegranate seeds – blueberries are fantastic, so too are blackberries and raspberries.

Of course, you don’t need to stop there, you can add other exotic fruits such as diced fresh mango, dragonfruit or lychees….. whatever looks good, is fresh and is in season.

The Chia seeds, will actually thicken the coconut water into a semi jelly & will keep you from feeling hungry until lunch.

Filling up the pot

Once you have cracked open the coconut, you will need to carefully pour out the coconut water into a jug or bowl.

You will then be left with an empty coconut. Looking inside the coconut, you will see the white flesh of the coconut. When you are eating the coconut pot, you will be able to use a spoon to scrape away and eat the white flesh.. but for this stage, we need to leave the coconut flesh there as it will be the bowl for your breakfast pot.

You will need to fill up the pot, in no particular order, with your chosen berries. You will see in the photos below, that I started with blueberries then I added pomegranate seeds… I then added fresh raspberries and blackberries.



You will need to add the fruit until the pot is about 80% full. Then add the chia seeds and mix the chia seeds through the berries with a spoon.

Slowly pour the coconut water back into the pot until the water level is just below the top of the bowl.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place in the fridge to set overnight… in the morning you will wake up to the most delicious breakfast pot which you can enjoy at your leisure. x M


Coconut breakfast pots
A fresh coconut filled with coconut water, chia seeds and berries. Will give you a jelly like breakfast pot packed full of antioxidants.
Paleo Princess:
Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • 1 fresh green coconut
  • 2 – 2.5 cups of fresh fruit (your choice of high antioxident seasonal fruit eg: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, de-pipped cherries)
  • 2 and a half tablespoons chia seeds
  1. When you buy a green/drinking coconut from the supermarket or farmers market you will find that one side is flat and will sit nicely on a table. Carefully crack a nice round hole in the top of the coconut to form the mouth of the bowl.
  2. Slowly pour the coconut water into a jog or bowl.
  3. Fill the empty coconut with the fresh fruit – you will need to add fruit until it is 80% full.
  4. Add the chia seeds and mix the chia seeds through the fruit with a spoon.
  5. Slowly pour back the coconut water into the coconut until the level of the water is just below the top of the bowl.
  6. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight.
  7. In the morning, you can remove the plastic wrap and top with a few more berries if desired….
  8. Remember, when you have finished eating the chia seed / berry mixture you can use the spoon to scrape out (and eat) the fresh coconut flesh… simply delicious! Enjoy x M